IWSC 2020 Weed Photo Contest

Submission will start 15th June 2019

Contest closes 28 February 2021

Dr. Chanya Maneechote
Thailand, LOC Chair

Committee Chair

Dr. Christopher Rouse
North America

Committee Co-Chair

Dr. Samunder Singh

Committee Member

Dr. Nilda R. Burgos

Committee Member

The International Weed Science Society will be holding the first global photography contest during the 8th IWSC 2021 in Bangkok, Thailand. The objective is to collect the weed pictures from different countries for publishing a book “Global Weeds in 2020” in both online and hard copy. A digital book containing the winners, and the best photos of all species submitted, will be produced and available to members at a 10% price discount. Non-members will pay full price.

However, the owners of the published photos will be entitled to 20% price discount (for the first copy only). Weed photos will be displayed in the exhibition hall during IWSC 2020 in Bangkok. The winning photos will be presented at one of the IWSC Awards Ceremonies.

Who May Enter: The contest is open to both members and non-member of IWSS. Photos can be uploaded on IWSC 2021 website.

Date of Submission:IWSC 2020 Weed Photo Contest begins 15th June 2019 and ends 28 February 2021.

How to Enter:Please submit photographs and requested information online through IWSC 2020 website. One may submit up to 15 photographs per category for a contest, a total of 45 submissions. Photographs .jpeg, .jpg or .gif format, edited for web in sRGB color space at least 1,500 pixels wide and no larger than 10 MB, will be submitted online with the accompanying information:

Category 1
Reproductive Structures

Photos submitted for this category should be any sexual or asexual reproductive parts of a weed: flowers, inflorescence, fruits, seeds, rhizomes, and other reproductive structures.

Vegetative Plant/ Structures

Photos submitted to this category should be whole plant specimen. The focus of the photograph should be the plant itself, if inflorescence is included in a whole-plant photograph, it should not be the main subject matter. Care should be made to target the plant in an isolated condition as to distinguish it from the ‘Weeds in the Landscape’ category.

Weeds in the Landscape

Photos submitted to this category should include weeds in urban, agricultural, or natural area landscapes. The weed does not need to be the focus, but a subject in the photograph. Landscapes do not have to be in ‘natural area’ to be considered for inclusion in this division. Photographs which capture the abilities of weeds to grow in unusual areas will qualify.

Judging committeeThe judging committee will consist of the Photo Contest Committee Chair, Co-Chairs and members, one judge representing the IWSS Board, and five judges to be selected from the society at large. Consideration will be made to include judges representing academia/industry/gender and geography that represent the society.

Winner Selection: At the end of the Submission Period, the judging committee will monitor and review the initial submissions for eligibility. They will judge all eligible Submissions based on the following criteria:

Awards: For each category, three top photographs will be selected - First place, 1st and 2nd Runners-up. There will also be 5 honorable mentions and one Overall Winner selected from across the 3 categories.
The first-place winner prize is US$ 500, while the 1st and 2nd runner-up prizes are US$ 200 and 100 respectively. A token of appreciation will be presented to the honorable mentions at one of the IWSC ceremonies. The overall winner will be selected from the three division winners and receive an additional award of US$ 200.

Copyright:Photographers will be asked to transfer copyright to the IWSS to reprint the photograph for publication.

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